MEDISHOP XL – Europe (

MEDISHOP XL – Europe (

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How Price2Spy helped MEDISHOP XL to have a clear view of different competitors per country

MEDISHOP XL – Europe (
We've been greatly impressed with the technical features of the tool and how fast the new features were being added and implemented. We are referring to the Competitor group feature in particular, now I can have a clear view of the different competitors per country! Very nice!


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Authorized dealer of medical instruments – currently operating on Dutch, Belgian, German, UK, French, Italian and Spanish markets (and planning to expand to Scandinavia).



  1. Need to focus only on top selling products (several dozen products)
  2. 50+ international competitors
  3. Need to make prompt decisions
  4. Competitors need to be clearly differentiated per country


  • Price2Spy Basic Large price plan
  • Automated report showing current prices configured to be sent on a daily basis
  • Instant price change alerts to help client keep track of price / availability changes as soon as they occur

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