E-commerce Price Comparison

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors With Price Comparison

Track your competition in real-time, compare prices and make better pricing decisions.

What is a price comparison tool?

A price comparison tool will allow you to compare competitors’ prices with yours at any given moment. That’s why nowadays it’s one of the most requested tools by every brand and retailer. With price comparison, you’ll have a detailed overview of your competitors’ pricing actions which will allow you to adjust your prices timely. 

Not only you’ll never stay behind, but you’ll be able to gain an important advantage over the competition and anticipate the key moments – price drops, price increases, promotions, and discounts

What is the price comparison tool used for?

The main purpose of the price comparison tool is to help you monitor competitors’ prices in order to adjust your pricing strategy accordingly. 

That further means:

  • Know what prices are your competitors using
  • Know when the price change took place and who started with the price change reaction
  • Know when good promotion opportunities arise

The price comparison tool will allow you to create a dynamic pricing strategy adaptable to every market condition.

Who is this tool meant for?

The price comparison tool can be used by any eCommerce business regardless of its size and industry branch. Many markets are getting overcrowded, so online sellers need to be on their best game in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Why should you use a price comparison tool?

Reasons are numerous, but one of the main ones is: in today’s eCommerce world, it’s almost impossible to manually track all the price changes. The price comparison tool will help you to do this daunting task automatically, which will allow you to keep track of the market factors that interest you the most. 


In addition, this tool can provide you with the necessary information about your competitors’ activities and help you define the best responses.

What are the advantages of using Price2Spy’s comparison tool?

All price comparison tools are beneficial, so why should you choose Price2Spy?


Price2Spy’s price monitoring tool stands for effectiveness and accuracy. It’s enabling clients to gather a large amount of data while keeping high-quality results. While dealing with a large amount of data is extremely important, those results wouldn’t mean much if they weren’t accurate and timely. 


Without a doubt, one of the biggest Price2Spy’s advantages comes from its high level of customizability. Although most solutions are well thought out in advance, there are always clients who would like a custom approach, and Price2Spy is able to offer that.

Simple, transparent pricing.

30 days free trial, no credit card required.

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  • Recommended Basic Plan

  • USD - monthly fee134.95monthly
    • Up to 2000 Product URLs
    • Up to 80 sites/competitors
    • Instant or daily price change alert emails
    • Powerful reporting mechanism

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  • Recommended Premium Plan

  • USD monthly fee337.95monthly
    • Up to 2000 Product URLs
    •  Up to 80 sites/competitors
    • Multiple price checks per day
    • Instant price change alerts
    • Powerful reporting mechanism

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  • Enterprise plan

  • Email for a quoteCustommonthly
    • All premium features
    • Continuous matching process, regardless of the clients industry
    • Continuous account control
    • Repricing add-on, if required
    • Custom import / export functionalities, if required
    • Site crawl, with periodical recrawl included, if required
    • Specific reports, in a custom format, if required

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How to make the most out of Price2Spy’s comparison tool?

Price2Spy has developed a very advanced price comparison mechanism. Therefore, there are numerous reports that can help you gather the information that you need.


The most popular report among clients is Price Matrix. In this report, each product will be represented by a row and each competitor by a column. In addition, there is also the Price Competitiveness report which offers an extensive and direct comparison of pricing data from website A against other sites with the same products. 


You can also check Product price distribution, Cheapest products, Product price deviations, Most expensive products, Products with prices lower/higher than average, and much more.

Some of the clients who are using the price comparison tool

E-commerce Price Comparison

Price2Spy has made price monitoring so simple for me. I can easily focus on my key competitors and get a great overview of pricing by using Reports and Dashboard widgets. I am looking forward to implementing other features, such as the Pricing strategies.

Joost Stekelenburg, HD-TOOLS B.V.

E-commerce Price Comparison

We’ve been greatly impressed with the technical features of the tool and how fast the new features were being added and implemented. We are referring to the Competitor group feature in particular, now I can have a clear view of the different competitors per country! Very nice!


E-commerce Price Comparison

Price2Spy is a useful and flexible tool that has helped us monitor changes in the home decor industry more efficiently. We are still in the process exploring all of the useful features Price2Spy offers and are looking forward to implementing some additional functionality in the future.

Evan Posner, Select Shops

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  • E-commerce Price Comparison
  • E-commerce Price Comparison
  • E-commerce Price Comparison

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