E-commerce Price Optimization

Price Optimization

Outsmart your competition with price optimization

Track your competitors, optimize prices and grow your business with well-informed pricing decisions.





Who is it for?

E-commerce Price Optimization

Online retailers

E-commerce Price Optimization


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Here are some of our clients who trust us when it comes to providing them with the right pricing data and tools to manipulate it. Join the ever-growing family of thriving businesses that have recognized the importance of pricing in today’s world of eCommerce!

E-commerce Price Optimization
E-commerce Price Optimization
E-commerce Price Optimization
E-commerce Price Optimization
E-commerce Price Optimization
E-commerce Price Optimization
E-commerce Price Optimization
E-commerce Price Optimization
E-commerce Price Optimization
E-commerce Price Optimization

What can price optimization be used for?​

Price optimization is not an easy task, and it includes a lot of intelligence work. However, we can separate the process into a step-by-step list, to make it easier to grasp the concept and start optimizing your prices.

E-commerce Price Optimization

Data analysis

Look for patterns in customer behavior, and learn what influences what.

E-commerce Price Optimization

Price adjustments

Use the gathered data to adjust your prices accordingly.

E-commerce Price Optimization

Monitoring the results

It’s not done once you adjust your prices! Make sure to monitor the results.

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How it works?

The benefits of using price optimization​

Still wondering if price optimization can benefit your business? Here are the most important benefits that will help you make the right decision:

E-commerce Price Optimization

Save time you would spend on manually checking your competitors’ prices.

E-commerce Price Optimization

We strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date data possible.

E-commerce Price Optimization

Access over 25 different reports and numerous ways to filter the pricing data.

E-commerce Price Optimization

Our algorithms will notify you of every good chance to adjust your prices to better reach your goals.

E-commerce Price Optimization

Better prices lead to increased revenue and profits, enabling growth in a sustainable manner.

E-commerce Price Optimization

Price2Spy is able to monitor prices on the most complex websites with advanced bot-protection.

Price plans


USD 26.95

BASIC Medium
USD 67.95

USD 134.95

USD 337.95

USD 674.95

  • Daily price checks
  • Comprobaciones diarias de precios
  • Instant or daily alert emails
  • Correos electrónicos de alerta instantáneos o diarios
  • Powerful reporting mechanism
  • Poderoso mecanismo de informes


USD 53.95

USD 134.95

USD 269.95

USD 674.95

USD 1349.95

  • Multiple price checks per day
  • Múltiples comprobaciones de precios al día
  • Instant price change alerts
  • Alertas instantáneas de cambio de precio
  • Over 25 different reports
  • Más de 25 informes diferentes
  • API access
  • Acceso a la API
  • Capturing additional product information
  • Capturar información adicional del producto
  • User management
  • Gestión de usuarios



  • All premium features
  • Todas las características Premium
  • Continuous matching process
  • Proceso de matching de productos continuo
  • Continuous account control
  • Control de cuenta continuo
  • Repricing add-on
  • Fijación de precios como complemento adicional
  • Custom reports
  • Informes personalizados
  • Site crawling and recrawling
  • Rastreo de sitios web y rastreo del sitio repetitivo
  • Developing custom features
  • Desarrollo de opciones personalizadas

Competitive advantage so good it almost seems unfair

With Price2Spy you don’t get only a price comparison tool – you get a solution to your business needs that adapts to you and your organization. 


We have clients of various sizes – from small businesses to large enterprises that operate across the whole world.


You can be sure that we have the expertise to solve all your pricing issues.

E-commerce Price Optimization