E-commerce Price Optimization

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What is Price Optimization?

Price optimization is the ongoing process that analyzes gathered data and determines the most efficient price for both parties, the consumer and the company. If the price is set too high, customers will switch to the competitors with more affordable prices, if it is too low, customers will start to question the quality of your products. As you can see, the key is to find just the right balance.

How to optimize prices?

Price optimization is not an easy task, and it includes a lot of intelligence work. However, we can separate the process into a step-by-step list, to make it easier to grasp the concept and start optimizing your prices.


  • Learn about your customers – at the end of the day, it all starts and ends with customers. You want to know their willingness to pay for your product or service. Do they care more for quality or the price?
  • Analyze the data – Now that you’ve gathered the data, you need to do something with it – analyze it and give it a context. You should look for patterns in customer behavior, check for correlations, and learn what influences what.
  • Adjust prices – this is the crucial step. You should use the gathered data to adjust your prices accordingly.
  • Monitor the results – it’s not done once you adjust your prices! Now you have to give it some time and pay attention to the results it’s binging. Price optimization should be an ongoing process, and a price monitoring tool such as Price2Spy will help you with this task.

How Price2Spy works?

Although Price2Spy contains very powerful price monitoring features, it works as simple as this:


  • Start your Free 30-day Price2Spy trial account;
  • Let us know which sites you’d like to monitor. If you don’t know which websites to monitor – no problem, we can do website discovery for you;
  • Price2Spy needs to know which products you’d like to monitor. You can either match products across competitor sites yourself, or ask us to do this for you;
  • … and that’s it… from the moment product URLs have been entered in Price2Spy, it starts working for you: each day it will automatically check if the price on any of the online stores you have provided has changed. If the product price (or availability) has changed, Price2Spy will send you an alert email, so you are aware of the change. You will be able to instantly compare the prices on all online stores defined, which will enable you to swiftly make some important pricing decisions of your own.

All Price2Spy services at a glance

Here you can find an overview of all the services Price2Spy offers – hopefully it will help you understand what can be achieved,

and the best way Price2Spy services can fit your business and its needs.

Main Features

Unlimited Competitors

Monitor an unlimited number of competitors / retail sites

Price Comparison

One quick look and you’ll know where you stand

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Analyzing historical data will help you prepare for the future

Dynamic Pricing & Repricing

Accept / reject repricing suggestions based on your own business rules

Email alerts

When the price / stock changes you’ll be the first to know

Smart Spidering

Not all sites want to be monitored. Price2Spy knows the way around

Multichannel Support

Monitor prices shown on marketplaces, individual retail websites, as well as price comparison websites

API Integration

Access pricing data from your own software, regardless of technology


E-commerce Price Optimization

Price2Spy has made price monitoring so simple for me. I can easily focus on my key competitors and get a great overview of pricing by using Reports and Dashboard widgets. I am looking forward to implementing other features, such as the Pricing strategies.

Joost Stekelenburg, HD-TOOLS B.V.

E-commerce Price Optimization

We’ve been greatly impressed with the technical features of the tool and how fast the new features were being added and implemented. We are referring to the Competitor group feature in particular, now I can have a clear view of the different competitors per country! Very nice!


E-commerce Price Optimization

Price2Spy is a useful and flexible tool that has helped us monitor changes in the home decor industry more efficiently. We are still in the process exploring all of the useful features Price2Spy offers and are looking forward to implementing some additional functionality in the future.

Evan Posner, Select Shops

  • E-commerce Price Optimization
  • E-commerce Price Optimization
  • E-commerce Price Optimization
  • E-commerce Price Optimization
  • E-commerce Price Optimization
  • E-commerce Price Optimization
  • E-commerce Price Optimization
  • E-commerce Price Optimization
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  • Recommended Basic Plan

  • USD - monthly fee134.95monthly
    • Up to 2000 Product URLs
    •  Up to 80 sites/competitors
    • Instant or daily price change alert emails
    • Powerful reporting mechanism

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  • USD- monthly fee337.95monthly
    • Up to 2000 Product URLs
    •  Up to 80 sites/competitors
    • Multiple price checks per day
    • Instant price change alerts
    • Powerful reporting mechanism

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  • Enterprise Plan

  • Email for a quoteCustommonthly
    • All premium features
    • Continuous matching process, regardless of the clients industry
    • Continuous account control
    • Repricing add-on, if required
    • Custom import / export functionalities, if required
    • Site crawl, with periodical recrawl included, if required
    • Specific reports, in a custom format, if required

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