Enterprise plans

Enterprise plans

Price2Spy Enterprise package

In most cases large enterprises do not have enough resources to control their price monitoring workflow. In addition, in many cases such companies require very custom reports / data formats – which cannot be generalized.

Therefore, Price2Spy is happy to offer you a hassle-free Enterprise package where you will only focus on using the pricing data to make smart decisions, and leave all the data collection work to us.


Enterprise plan features tailor-made for your needs

Enterprise plans

Premium features


All Premium features included

Enterprise plans

Continual product matching


Regardless of the industry, and whether the matching can be 100% Automated or it needs to be assisted

Enterprise plans

Repricing add-on


Either direct or indirect

Enterprise plans

Cotinual account control


Failed Price Checks (FPC) analysis, replacing changed URLs

Enterprise plans

Site crawl / Data extraction


With periodical re-crawl included, if required

Enterprise plans

Unlimited stealth IP



Useful if you’re monitoring bot-aware sites

We'll be happy to prepare an offer for you

Before we prepare the offer – we would need to make sure that we fully understand your price monitoring requirements.

Some of the typical questions we’d need covered are

  • Number of SKUs
    • How many SKUs do you plan to monitor?
    • An Excel file with a couple of hundreds of SKUs would be of great help, as a data sample
    • Do you keep adding new SKUs? If so, how many SKUs do you typically add per month?
  • Number of Websites
    • How many websites do you plan to monitor?
    • Or, if you plan to monitor different markets – how many markets do you plan to monitor, and what is the approximate number of websites per market?
    • Please list some of the most important sites to be monitored
  • Product matching
    • Should all SKUs be matched on all websites?
    • If not, please explain the logic for matching
  • Any specifics? If you have any specific requirements – please let us know. These may be

***For more information about our pricing plans, we invite you to visit the Price plan comparison page

If you have the above-listed specifics in a written form – please send them over, we’ll be happy to get back to you with a quote.

If you don’t have requirements in a written form yet – let’s schedule a meeting – we’ll be happy to put together a requirements document for you.