Repricing Strategies

Case studies on how our clients have created their own repricing strategies and implemented them using Price2Spy’s functionality.

The power of Price2Spy’s repricing module is its flexibility – so many clients have used it in so many different ways. That is why we have compiled a list of the most interesting repricing strategies we have implemented for our clients. In this list, you will see clients of all sizes. Some of them wanted to go for full automation, others wanted price changes approved by pricing managers. Some of them used Shopify, others BigCommerce, but we also have stories from clients using Magento and their own proprietary stores. Some clients wanted to stay cheapest by all means – others used much more complex logic. We hope that the strategies listed below will help you design a strategy of your own.

Stay cheaper than competitors

Learn how UK nationwide tools retailer makes sure its price is the best on the market.

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Strategy A for FMCG, strategy B for Electronics

International retail chain operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) uses different strategies for different product categories.

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Automated price changes 8 times per day

Audio/Video retail company from Australia operates in a very dynamic market.

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Want to be 2nd cheapest?

The online store from the US, selling collectible cards does not want to be the cheapest.

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Profitability margin varies per category

German lighting retail chain treats certain product categories in a very different way.

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Keep it simple: Clever Drop + Clever raise

Tools retail company from The Netherlands keeps their repricing rules very simple.

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Different competitors, different importance

Learn the logic of custom repricing rules implemented by this Swiss client.

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Always match competitor's prices

Dutch music company wants to match competitor prices at any time.

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Changing delivery time (not the price)

This German client did something extraordinary – basing his delivery time on delivery times of his comeptitors.

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