Spy Shop Romania

Spy Shop Romania

How does Price2Spy help Spy Shop stay competitive and responsive to market changes?

Spy Shop is Romania’s leading online distributor of security, surveillance, and monitoring equipment. The company operates through an online shop, with warehouses and offices in Timisoara, Cluj, and Bucharest, and therefore covers the whole country by providing professional tech support to B2B partners and B2C end users.


For over 15 years, they have committed to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation in the security industry. Today, their portfolio counts over 50000 products aiming to empower individuals and businesses with the tools they need to protect their assets and loved ones.


In 2018, Spy Shop faced rising competition and the need to monitor and maintain competitive pricing in the market, which brought them to Price2Spy.

Spy Shop Romania

Key challenges

At that time, Spy Shop faced problems that emerged due to the dynamic nature of the security market, with frequent price changes and the increasing number of competitors.


Main challenges faced:

  • Difficulty in tracking competitor pricing changes
  • Inaccurate pricing data
  • Time-consuming manual price monitoring
  • Inability to adapt quickly to market fluctuations
  • Losing potential sales due to uncompetitive pricing


Listed problems negatively impacted Spy Shop’s business because they were a threat to sales, profitability, and ability to respond swiftly to market changes. The company was in search of a solution that would replace manual price monitoring and raise effectiveness. After testing another pricing tool, Spy Shop decided to go with Price2Spy as it proved to be more effective in tracking competition pricing and market trends.

Price2Spy’s given solutions

Price2Spy price monitoring software is now taking care of Spy Shop’s pricing and preventing the company from losing sales by allowing it to see hidden opportunities and react promptly to market changes.


Price2Spy took over monitoring more than 1500 products across 100 different websites. The key to reliable price monitoring is accurate product matching.


An automated product matching process implies that if the product is not matched initially, Automatch will keep trying. When the product gets added to competitor sites, Automatch picks it up and adds it to Spy Shop’s Price2Spy account. Besides the Automatch process being executed continually, it is a cost-effective approach to product matching.

Price2Spy has met Spy Shop’s requirements and significantly improved its pricing intelligence capabilities.


“Price2Spy has been a game-changer for us. It has not only simplified our price monitoring process but has also allowed us to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving security industry. We highly recommend Price2Spy to any business looking to excel in pricing intelligence.” – Flavius Pascas – Technical Manager, Spy Shop Romania


It does not necessarily mean Automatch is the ideal solution for everyone’s business. Price2Spy offers three different approaches to product matching. Reach out to info@price2spy.com to discuss the customizability of Price2Spy software to your needs, or start your 30-day free trial period to see software features in action.