Steve McCardell – USA (

Steve McCardell – USA (

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How Price2Spy helped Steve McCardell to compare competitor pricing

I have been using Price2Spy for more than a year with one of my clients. For those who need to compare competitor pricing, I cannot recommend this highly enough. It's not only intuitive and very well priced, but the company offers unbelievable support -- better than almost any company I've worked with. While they're based overseas (I'm in the US), communication is fast , accurate, and efficient. Technical support is offered quickly, sometimes before I've even asked. Most companies slow down on support once you're onboarded as a customer. Price2Spy has always offered premium attention.

Steve McCardell

Steve McCardell – USA (


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Steve McCardell provides business writing and content marketing services since 2001. Over 17 years experience in the field, he helps business to grow with his overall effort. Additionally, he shares his ideas, suggestions marketing tips and tools on his website on a regular basis.


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