Strathfield Car Radios Australia

Strathfield Car Radios Australia

Price2Spy helped Strathfield Car Radios ramp up its online presence & re-establish itself as the industry leader

Strathfield Car Radios has been our client since 2019. They have been a pioneer in the automotive electronics industry for over 35 years. This company specializes in providing customers across Australia with high-quality car audio, entertainment, communication, and installation services. Price2Spy is monitoring over 11K products across 13 different competitors for them.

Strathfield Car Radios Australia

Key challenges

Our client’s mission is to provide quality products, service, and unbeatable prices. Once it became difficult to monitor market prices due to the large inventory, they searched for assistance. A set of circumstances that accompanied a gradual increment in online shopping as well as many clients opting for developing their own solutions influenced all to be more price-sensitive which encouraged Strathfield Car Radios to automate certain processes.


Their experience up to that point was that clients were searching for the lowest possible price. With the large inventory, monitoring competitors’ prices and optimizing their own in real time became unfeasible.


Key points expected to be taken care of a pricing software:

  • The inventory size too large to manually update
  • Automatic link between software and eCommerce platform not readily available
  • Price change frequency needed to be daily not weekly or monthly
  • Speed to market on prices needed to be instant
  • Overall inventory and logistics upkeep required full-time work

Price2Spy’s given solutions

As Strathfield Car Radios’ team stated, they tried several price-matching solutions before settling with us as none offered the complete solution. In the end, it was an easy decision as Price2Spy helped them get on top of competitiveness in the market.


As a pioneer in price monitoring and one of the most experienced tools on the market, Price2Spy offered the following processes as an ideal solution:

  • Automated product matching continuously matches our client’s products with competitors’ and allows continuous monitoring of their prices
  • The repricing module helps them make the right repricing decisions and keep track of decisions made in the past


Danny Diab, Strathfield Car Radios’ store manager explained the importance of Price2Spy for their business growth: “We have used Price2Spy for many years now, and from the first day of setup to a recent visit to our country they have always been ready and willing to help accommodate our requirements. Price2Spy has become a large part of our business and a great contributor to our success.”


They look forward to utilizing more features and our support to build their business further. 


As Strathfield Car Radios and Price2Spy share the same ultimate goal of commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence, we were pleased to help them ramp up and re-establish themselves as an industry leader online.


If you need assistance with re-establishing as an online shop, feel free to reach out to or right away sign up for a 30-day free trial and explore how you can benefit from our software solution.