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Varle – Lithuania (

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How Price2Spy helped Varle to make a breakthrough in an extremely competitive market

Varle – Lithuania (
In such a competitive market, having a powerful and accurate tool like Price2Spy is a must for every online merchant.

Marius Butauskas, CEO,

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Working with major equipment suppliers and manufacturers from Lithuania and abroad, Varle is Lithuania’s leading chain of online and offline shops selling computers and electronic appliances. Over 120 employees, in more than 20 shops all over Lithuania implement Varle’s core values, and thus make sure that their customers get fair and low prices along with some useful advice.




  1. Wide variety of products to be monitored (mobile / smart phones / fitness / kitchen appliances etc etc)
  2. Very unstable market – more than 100 competitors in Lithuania, very frequent price changes
  3. Pricing data needed in own ERP software, for analytical / reporting purposes


  • Because of large number of competitors, and very wide range of products  monitored, Automatch was not advisable.
  • Instead, Varle are performing manual product matching themselves, based on their judgement of competitor importance
  • A typical product is monitored on 5 – 10 websites. However, these websites differ from one product to another
  • Price2Spy API integration (performed in matter of days) enabled Varle to receive raw pricing data directly in it’s database, where it’s at disposal for their own ERP software
  • In addition to that Varle makes use of Automated Price Matrix report, which they receive  every morning in their inbox
  • Several widgets covering ‘Price cheaper than mine’ and ‘Share of cheapest products’ defined in Pricing Dashboard (for most important product brands) – in order to speed up to everyday work with Price2Spy


By its nature, Price2Spy is a very sensitive and discrete tool. For that reason, we have to be very careful about our client’s data privacy, which is an absolute priority for us.

Therefore, we will not be able to show too many testimonials nor success stories on this page. The ones we will show should just give you a brief idea on how Price2Spy can be used in your own business.