BIG W – Australia (

BIG W – Australia (

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How does Big W stay competitive on the retail market? Price2Spy knows the answer!

BIG W – Australia (

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The Internet is definitely changing the game, and question number one in the business world is – are you keeping up or being left behind? A retailer who anticipated this trend even before this question was asked is Australian retailer Big W. Big W represents a true success story. They’ve come a long way since their first opened store in New South Wales in 1964 – today 185 stores are operating across Australia.


BIG W – Australia (


Just imagine: every month, as many as 11 million people visit the Big W website – almost half the Australian population. Shoppers go there to find a broad range of quality general merchandise products at low prices. When we say a broad range of products, we literally mean that – from clothing, shoes, furniture, electronics, pet food, cleaning items, party goods, toys, and books, everything can be found there.


As good as all of this sounds, it’s not easy to remain competitive among such fierce competition.


Struggle points of Big W


  • Very competitive market – since the number of retailers is growing almost on a daily basis, this is a very common issue in this industry
  • Frequent price and assortment changes – when a client is so popular among users, changes in assortment and in price are very common
  • A large scope of products to be monitored across very different product categories – it’s great when you can offer a variety of products, but at the same time problems such as this one appears on a regular basis
  • Monitoring competitor websites for different product categories – if it’s difficult to keep track of all your own activities, you can imagine how difficult it was for Big W to do the same process for their competitors as well

As the differences between company offerings grow narrower, the market awareness that you have can make or break a sale. Therefore, Big W decided to seek solutions that Price2Spy can offer.


Price2Spy’s proven solutions


  • Price2Spy Premium account – for such big clients who need a combination of different features, our team always suggest using a Premium account
  • Custom price and availability monitoring for competitor websites – this was one of the key points. The client can’t define the right pricing strategy if they don’t know who their competitors are and what kind of pricing strategy they’re using
  • Daily Alert emails – very convenient when listing all price/availability changes detected on the competitive market
  • Using Price2Spy’s reporting mechanism and getting updated reports automatically – all this information would be useless without gathering it in custom reports that are regularly updated


Price2Spy’s flexibility allowed us to really focus on the most important changes on the market and made the monitoring process a lot easier. The reporting mechanism is quite powerful and it helps us get an up-to-date overview of the market, anytime. And last, but not least, they have highly efficient support which is a pleasure to work with.” – Jay Matutina, Senior Pricing Analyst


It is a huge responsibility when a client like Big W puts its trust into you. Therefore, when we say that in Price2Spy the client always comes first, we actually mean it. We are very proud of such a lovely collaboration that we have for a few years now with Big W and we hope that it’ll remain as successful in the years to come.


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