Additional price change alert options

New Price2Spy features 8.2.2019. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Recently we have received numerous questions related to the price change alert emails our clients receive from Price2Spy

Being very flexible, and working with both big international companies and small family businesses, we are aware that different clients have different needs and use Price2Spy in various ways. Some clients want to receive alert emails after any price change, other split alerts according to category, brand etc. and some clients prefer to focus their attention on some very specific data only. For example, they are only interested in changes in prices that are below MAP, or prices below/above theirs. A standard price change alert email in that case isn’t precise enough.

That is why we have decided to further customize the email alert options. If you go to Settings => Email settings, and take a look at the Email alert options, you can see the new features.

You can now filter the information regarding price change alert emails and choose the option that suits you best. Take a look at the drop-down menu and all the new options it offers.


We can see that the new options provide us with very detailed filtration.

For example, for some of the options we can choose between a number and a percentage:


Or, you can choose to omit the unavailable products:


You can also choose to see only the MAP-related price changes.



Or, you can select to be notified when the availability of your products changes.



Please feel free to try out the new options in case our regular price change alert emails weren’t specific enough (or were too broad) for your needs.

After you choose the desired option, all you need to do is click Save and  the next price change alert email will be sent only if it meets the above-specified criteria!

In case you’re not sure what option to choose, you are very welcome to leave the default – any price change on.

Any questions? Please let us know: