Advanced report filtering

10:32 28 December in New Price2Spy features
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Reporting filtersBased on our users’ input, we have built in new functionality in Price2Spy – report filtering.

So far the reports were showing all your pricing data.

As of today, you can filter the data according to the following criteria:

  • product categories: you can select one or more categories to be included in the report;
  • brands: you can select one or more brands to be included in the report;
  • suppliers – you can select one or more suppliers to be included in the report;
  • competitors: you can include products from all sites / or just some of the sites you are monitoring;
  • product availability;
  • products which contain certain keywords in the name.

Of course, you can leave filters off (which is the default option) – and that will show you the report with all your data included.


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