Automated reports now possible on Dashboard and Opportunities reports

New Price2Spy features 24.10.2015. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Approximately 1 year ago we enabled Price2Spy users to create their own Automated reports, which was a very welcome feature among Price2Spy society.

However, the new reports we have built in the meanwhile did not have the possibility to get automated (our users had to login to Price2Spy and run them manually).

Now that this problem (or better to say: missing feature) has been addressed – you’re welcome to use Automated reports both from the Dashboard and Opportunities section of Price2Spy.

Here’s how to do it:

First, you should go to your Pricing Dashboard, and click the piece of the data you’d like to see on your report


Or, if you’re busy with pricing opportunities – click the opportunity whose details you’d like in your report (as shown below)


You’ll get to a familiar screen (detailed report with all affected Products / URLs). Please note a new button there (coloured in Orange) – Automate this report.

Clicking it will enable you to create an automated report of your own, with an Excel file sent to your mailbox each day (or less frequently, if you prefer), at the time of your choice.


Hopefully you’ll find this feature (amongst others, also to be launched soon) useful.


Miša Krunić
Father of 2, Husband of 1, CEO of 3 :-)