Big news, everyone! User management is finally here!: Price2Spy introduces multiple user accounts

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For some time now our clients have asked us if several people from their company could use their Price2Spy account under different users and with different rights. Since we care a great deal about our clients’ needs, and also since we are focused on constant growth and development, we decided to make user management happen.

It took us several months of brainstorming, structural changes and really hard work – but finally it’s done and we are happy to offer this new feature to our clients!

What does this change actually mean? It means that now we offer 3 types of users under the same Price2Spy account, each with its own rights:

  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Reader

1. Administrator – this is a user that has full access to all Price2Spy operations (add / edit products, create reports, strategies and widgets etc.). Administrators can also add new users or edit the settings for existing users. To do so, an Administrator should click their profile name and choose User management:

um 1

A list of all current users for that Price2Spy account will appear. To add a new user, click on the green Add user button.

um 11

You can now choose different options for this user, and the most important one is type – which defines the rights this new user will have on this account. Choose the desired settings and click Save.

um 3

For example, I created a test user and made it a Manager under my account.

To Edit a certain user settings, click the Edit button and repeat the same process as described above.

2. This brings us to what a Manager can do – basically they can perform the same operations as Administrators (add / edit products, pull out reports, create strategies and widgets etc.) – please take a look at the screenshot – all the features highlighted in yellow are available for Managers.

um 5


However, the difference between an Administrator and a Manager is in these operations – a Manager doesn’t have rights to do the following:

  • Change account settings
  • Perform changes to user accounts
  • Perform ‘Link my store operations’

3. And finally, the 3rd type of user we offer is Reader – this user can fully browse the data and create reports and widgets. However, if you take a look at the screenshots, you can see that options as ‘delete / edit/ add’ aren’t available to Readers.

um 6

A reader can also create and export Reports, but not Automate them.

um 7

Each user is now able to choose their passwords and starting page, and customize their Dashboard to their preference. They can do this by clicking on the account name and then clicking on My profile. A new window with user settings will appear:

um 4

We feel that the user management will enable our clients to use our tool more efficiently and help them organize the work done on Price2Spy within their team. Also, while giving each user their own virtual ‘space’ within an account, it also provides full data transparency – so you can see:

  • Timestamp when object was first added to Price2Spy
  • User who added the object
  • Timestamp when object was last updated in Price2Spy
  • User who performed this update

User management is available to our Premium users starting from Price2Spy Premium Medium price plan.

We are thrilled that this feature is up and running and want to thank you for your patience and encourage you to give it a try!



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