Competitor pricing history

New Price2Spy features 24.12.2013. Reading Time: 2 minutes

This report was launched some time ago, but has proven to be one of the most used reports even though it is not really a comparison report. The main purpose of this report is to provide a detailed pricing history for all products carried by a competitor of yours.

Competitor pricing history report can be found in the Reports section of Price2Spy. Before running it – you should specify the competitors to be included, as well as the date range.

What this report does is create a zip file containing several Excel sheets – one per each competitor.

When opened, each Excel file will contain this competitor’s full history – for all of its products. So, for each product and each day you’ll be able to see the exact price. This will enable you not only to keep track of price changes, but also document them in a clear form. Finally, with the help of standard Excel charting features, you’ll be able to put together various sorts of pricing charts.

In the image below,  Columns B, C, D and E are Products. Rows 2 – 23 are dates. This image tells us that the total number of products monitored on this site is 4 and 3 of them did have price changes between November the 25th and November the 30th (the report shows the exact dates and price changes for all 3 products).


Last but not least – the idea for such a report came from a client of ours. If you’d like to see a report that is not available in Price2Spy yet – please let us know, we’ll gladly incorporate it in Price2Spy.