Searching for and matching products on Google Shopping without GITN EAN UPC

Searching for and matching products on Google Shopping without GTIN/EAN/UPC

Best practices in price monitoring 25.1.2024. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Google shopping has recently introduced a radical change to their search functionality, affecting both sellers and buyers alike. Let’s see what the change is all about and how the issues related to it can be overcome.

The Issue With Google Shopping

European Article Number (EAN), Japan Article Numbering (JAN), International Standard Book Number (ISBN), or Universal Product Code (UPC) are all different types Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) or Unique Product Identifiers (UPI) as referred to on Google Shopping.

Their purpose is to help differentiate and distinguish products across the global marketplace. Also, up until recently, they could have been used to search for competitors’ listings of desired products and keep track of them. Google, however, has seemingly put an end to this practice.

If you try to search for any type of a GTIN on Google, most likely, you will not find what you are looking for.

This is the core of the issue and the logical question that emerges is: How do I match my products to those of my competitors now?

Matching Products With Price2Spy’s Help

This is where our product matching comes into play.

With our experience of helping numerous sellers match their products to their competitors’ on Google Shopping, but also numerous other platforms, we have developed dedicated resources for solving this specific problem. 

Depending on the type of products you’re interested in, the scope of product matching you require, and any additional requirements you may have, we offer three different approaches:


Matching products via Automatch means eliminating the need for GTIN or any of its variants.

Automatch is our fully automated approach to product matching that utilizes a series of different parameters, not relying solely on GTIN.

Manual product matching

Manual product matching is one of our team’s main strengths. When everything else fails, our dedicated team is there to give a helping hand.

This approach doesn’t require GTIN or any other type of product identificator. However, this approach usually makes sense for product matching efforts that are lower in scale.

Hybrid product matching

This product matching approach is a combination the previously mentioned two. It can be used to match products without GTIN on any scale.

It is a mostly automated process with our team’s intervention when needed to ensure the highest possible matching accuracy.

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