Author: Milos Novkovic

Price2Spy User Interface – Main sections reorganization

January 12, 2023 in New Price2Spy features
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We are here with a couple of novelties regarding your User profile. There are a couple of changes regarding the Subscription, Invoices fields, and Custom field labels sections.  Let’s check them out.  1. Account settings - additional changes Sections from General settings - Account information, Currency rates, and...

Channel-Based Pricing for Retailers: Setting Prices on Different Channels

September 02, 2021 in Best practices in price monitoring
Reading Time: 9 minutes

Channel-based pricing means differentiating your pricing strategies between channels on which you sell your products. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean one strategy for one channel. You can, for example, employ only two different strategies on 4 channels of sale. This decision depends on numerous...