now monitored over stealth IP traffic

New Price2Spy features 17.12.2015. Reading Time: < 1
It is a well-known fact that some sites do their best to prevent automated price monitoring performed by Price2Spy and similar tools. is Germany’s biggest online price comparison service. We have monitored this site for our clients for years, but recently this site has been putting in a lot of effort in preventing web-scraping tools like ours.


Luckily, once all other resources are exhausted, we have a way of dealing with this – stealth IP traffic . Given that more and more of our clients are following via Price2Spy, we have decided to turn to stealth IP for monitoring this site along with the ones we already do. Our clients can now continue to monitor smoothly.


Why is stealth IP our last resort? Simply because this kind of IP traffic is very expensive, and also it may require additional costs from our clients. However, it’s a solution for situations where no other spidering technique works.