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Content can be considered the most important factor of eCommerce. If the eCommerce business is a ship, the content is its propeller. 

Without content, your eCommerce campaign can collapse in the blink of an eye.

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On the other hand, content can also build a successful eCommerce business. But only if it is of high quality. 

Quality content will attract quality customers (or you can say, the ones who are actually interested in purchasing your product.) 

Not only that. Publishing quality content on your e-store site can help you gain a higher rank in search engine results. This will result in higher website traffic and ultimately, higher revenue generation. 

One way to gain this quality in content is by using paraphrasing tools. That’s precisely the idea around which this article is going to revolve.

Here, will break down to you how you can improve your eCommerce content by using paraphrasing tools. Before we do so, let’s understand what paraphrasing tools actually are.

What are Paraphrasing Tools?

Paraphrasing tools are online software solutions that rewrite your written content according to the provided instructions by changing the wording or the structure of it. These tools use different algorithms to detect the parts of the content that require changing and edit them accordingly.

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The special thing about this software is that it keeps the real meaning of the content the same as per the paraphrasing definition.

These tools are designed to enhance the quality of the content by replacing weak words with strong ones that are both effective and easily comprehendible. These are the things that make people understand what you are trying to say to them.

Now, keeping these things in mind, let’s discuss how you can improve your eCommerce content quality with the help of paraphrasing tools.

It Helps Improve Your Content and Attain Persuasive Tone:

Let’s keep in consideration the basic goal of your eCommerce business. It’s selling your products. Now, what tells people about your product when they first land on your website/e-store? 

The product descriptions.

You have to make sure that your product descriptions are of high quality and contain the optimum tone for selling. Here’s an example of a book description of a top seller on Amazon:

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Take notice how the seller told the people who wrote the book to create an authority. After that, they described the reason why you should buy a certain book and the changes it can make in their lives.

What most people do today is tell the features of the product. They are important to tell, though. But not as important as the benefits of the product which will impress and persuade a person to buy your product.

That’s exactly what a paraphrasing tool can help you with. As we mentioned in the working mechanism of a paraphrasing tool, it changes the weak words with strong ones. 

Also, most of the tools provide a persuasive tone that can alter the way your words are delivered. That’s how a paraphrasing tool can help you set a persuasive tone for your product description to help you make more sales.

It Helps Optimize Your Content for Search Engines:

You cannot gain your required organic traffic unless you rank your eCommerce website on search engine results. It’s not a thought, it’s a proven fact. Research shows that almost 53% of website traffic comes straight from search engines.

Imagine the revenue you can generate with this amount of organic traffic.

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Ranking your eCommerce site is not easy, however. There are many factors to be considered before you expect to get ranked on the first pages of search engines. We won’t bore you with the things that are not related to the topic.

Let’s discuss the one you are actually concerned about. How can a paraphrasing tool help you rank your eCommerce site on search engines? The answer is simple. By helping you create quality content, or to be more specific, by helping you create content that is easily understandable to your audience.

These tools paraphrase your content by replacing difficult words with easier ones. They also help you optimize the structure of the content for better skimming. 

Dwell time is a term used in SEO that helps increase your site’s ranking. When you create your eCommerce content in wording people can actually understand, they will spend more time on your site because they are getting valuable information (in the form of blogs, etc.)

Your site’s ranking will ultimately boost resulting in higher sales and revenue.

It Helps Make Your Content Unique:

The uniqueness of the content is key to success when it comes to building a good brand reputation. It is true that whenever people want to buy something unless they are your permanent customers, they go to different platforms to compare the product before they decide to purchase it.

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If you copy the content e.g., product descriptions from somewhere else, they are going to know it which will not deliver a very good impact of your brand on them.

That is the reason why you have to make sure that you generate unique content. 

Paraphrasing tools can help you do so.

Taking ideas from somewhere else is okay. As long as you don’t copy and paste them as it is. In order to make sure that you haven’t copied any idea you’ve borrowed, you can paraphrase it with the help of the tool. 

The paraphrasing tool will alter the wording and structure of your content to make it as unique as possible.  

It Can Help You Paraphrase Your Previous Content:

This can be considered one of the most underrated or less discussed benefits of a paraphrasing tool in writing eCommerce content. You can paraphrase or repurpose your content to prevent self-plagiarism and the reader’s boredom. 

In most cases, people sell one or a similar kind of product in their stores. For example, if a person sells handbags, he cannot (or should not) use the words like…

“This handbag is made of pure leather.” 

…again and again for his different product versions. 

He has to come up with different ways to describe these features in different words. 

That’s what a paraphrasing tool can help you with. With its ability to replace words with their possible most relevant synonyms, you can rewrite your product descriptions again and again whenever you post a new product on your e-store.

Here’s how these paraphrasing tools can give you different options for alternate sentences to use in your content:

paraphrasing tools

As you can see, there are different synonyms that are replaced with other words which keep the real context as intact as possible. That’s precisely how a paraphrasing tool can help you with rephrasing your previously written content.

That is how to create quality content

Making sure that you produce high-quality content for your eCommerce is the basic building block of its success. High-quality content not only attracts customers effectively but also helps your e-store’s site rank higher in the search engine results. 

One way to do so is by paraphrasing the content. Why? Because it makes your content both effective and unique. Since paraphrasing manually is a time-consuming task, paraphrasing tools have been of great help in improving content quality.

In the information given above, we have explained comprehensively how a paraphrasing tool can help you improve content for your eCommerce business.


Sunil Siwach
Sunil Siwach is a marketing executive at Rapidops, a leading technology solutions provider. With years of experience in the field of marketing, Sunil has developed a strong expertise in developing effective marketing strategies and executing successful marketing campaigns.