Integrating your BigCommerce store with Price2Spy enabled!

New Price2Spy features 8.8.2017. Reading Time: < 1


As you already might know, your Price2Spy account can be integrated with your own store, using some of the standard shopping carts / eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Google Shopping feed and as of recently Shopify.  Since we do our best to meet our client’s needs, and we received some suggestions about integration with a new popular platform, we are now giving you the possibility to integrate your BigCommerce store with Price2Spy.

If you have your own BigCommerce store, you are welcome to make the most use of this new solution we offer. Adding new products and deleting obsolete products will be fully automated and there is no need for extra development efforts on your side – integrating your store with Price2Spy using BigCommerce is very simple. However, some relevant steps need to be taken care of:

  • Steps to be performed on BigCommerce side
  • Steps to be performed in Price2Spy

To learn details about BigCommerce integration, please click on the following link:

Looking forward to hearing your impressions regarding the newly integrated platform!