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12:22 June 14, 2017 in New Price2Spy features
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Price2Spy team continues implementing new features for its clients!
Since we have recently enabled a new feature so that our clients are able to choose the columns they would like to see in their My products page, we have decided to implement two new columns:
  • My price column
  • Targeted price: violations column
Upon defining your own website in account settings, you will be able to choose My price column out to be shown on your My products page when clicked on Settings button:
my price
The next novelty we have recently implemented will appeal especially to our clients who are making the most use of Targeted price violations.
If you set Targeted price in your account settings, from now on you will be able to see the column Targeted price: violations on your My products page as well. When you click on the button Settings, you can choose:
  • My price
  • Targeted price: violations
  • Targeted price
  • click on Apply Columns (in order to save the changes).
Pocetna strana
Upon choosing these options, you will get a number of websites which are violating Targeted price. Apart from that, if you choose My price and Targeted price, you will be able to compare your own price and Targeted price.
Targeted price violations
However, if you would like to get back to default settings, please click on Reset to default.
Hope this will help you use your price monitoring tool in a much more practical way!

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