New number format setting available in Price2Spy!

New Price2Spy features 9.12.2015. Reading Time: 2 minutes
Over the course of time, Price2Spy has gained clients from different parts of the world using different regional settings.

For example, in certain countries . (dot) may be used for a decimal separator, while in others it may be , (comma).

Although MS Excel should be smart enough to recognize that difference on the fly, and convert it to your desired local format (as defined in your Computer’s Regional Settings), it may not work just like that out of the box.

In order to prevent such problems, we have come up with 6 different number format settings.

Please experiment with these in order to find the setting which will fit your regional settings best.

The selected number format will be reflected both in the browser and in the Excel files you export from Price2Spy. However, this change will not affect the data that Price2Spy sends via API.

If you go to Settings => Account settings there is a Number format dropdown menu where you can see the default and change your number format settings.
And now, let’s see the other options!
1) This is how the Price Matrix report looks like in browser after changing the format – we chose the 4th option highlighted in the previous picture.
The Excel file corresponds as well:
2) This is the Price Matrix report in browser with the 5th option chosen:
And the corresponding Excel:
Important: if you’re unsure which setting is the right fit for you – please make sure to use the DEFAULT SETTING ON.

We do our best to respond to our clients’ suggestions and needs, and we hope that you will find this new feature useful!

If you have any problems with the number formatting, please let us know and send us a screenshot of the Excel file you opened on your PC and a screenshot of your Settings page in your Price2Spy account.