New option in Failed price checks report

New Price2Spy features 22.1.2015. Reading Time: 2 minutes


Failed price check report is there to help our clients spot URLs for which Price2Spy fails to capture prices. Failed price checks result in prices not getting updated and can possibly occur for several reasons:.

  1. Site being very slow.
  2. Product page has changed its structure/design
  3. URL existing in Price2Spy takes to a nonexistent product page (404 error – most likely the product has been discontinued)
  4. Temporary problems on a given site

We have discovered that this report is quite widely used among Price2Spy clients – it is important to identify such situations in time and take necessary actions (e.g. number 1 and 2 our Support team needs to be notified).

Above situation Number 4 is quite common as well and when it happens, it is always of a temporary nature and usually gets fixed without our intervention (when a site goes up an running normally). So over time it has become increasingly important that our clients can differentiate (and probably not spend time looking into) problems of a temporary nature (number 4 situation) and the ones that require certain action on our or clients’ side.

So we have introduced a new option to this feature – a possibility to have Price2Spy show only URLs failing above 1, 2, 3, etc. times in a row. That way failed attempts caused by temporary problems on a site can be disregarded. So as the image below shows, when the Failed price checks report is selected a new option appears – ‘Show only URLs where number of failures is higher than’ , and this is where you fill in the desired number:

Inline image 1

  • If the first option is chosen (Show all failing URLs), Price2Spy will list all the sites with failed price checks regardless of the number of failed attempts for each URL
  • However, if the second option is chosen and the desired number filled in, Price2Spy will show only the URLs with a higher number of failed price checks than specified in the box.

So once again our aim is to provide our clients with numerous Reports, but at the same time help them easily extract and focus on the data they need – this is just a feature that comes in handy here.