New price change details in alert emails and within a product

New Price2Spy features 18.5.2016. Reading Time: 2 minutes

We’ve been thinking about upgrading our price change alert emails for a while now – so that our clients from very competitive industries can easily spot who usually changes the price first. In some cases the prices change in a few hours, and if someone monitors a lot of sites it gets a bit difficult to spot those competitors who lowered the price first, and those who followed – usually the prices are all the same, so retailers lay the blame on someone else. Also, a few clients had some useful suggestions on this, so we decided to add some details on price changes. They are reflected:

  • in price change alert emails, and
  • within a product

Your alert emails will contain a new column named ‘Last change‘. Now, when you receive an alert email, and several competitors changed the price, and the price is the same, the competitor who changed the price before the others will be listed first. Please take a look at the example:



Here we can clearly see that both competitors dropped the price to 1125.00 EUR, but the price change was spotted first on competitor A, and then on competitor B.

Also, if we take a look at the sites within product 1 in the account, all competitors with the same price will be listed in the same way – the one who dropped the price first will be listed first.

first changed

We can see that 7 competitors share the same price, but now they are listed starting from Competitor A who dropped the price on May 9th 05:40, to Competitor G, who dropped it on May 13th 20:34.

We hope that this detail will help you investigate the pricing dynamics more efficiently and that you will easily get a proper insight into who sets the price trends, and who follows.