Price2Spy API 2.0 Released

16:00 March 09, 2014 in New Price2Spy features
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smsApi_374x265Price2Spy API 2.0 was released and some enhancements were brought to the system. 2 new optional parameters are added to the getMeasurements() operation and they are as follows:

  • dateCheckedFrom
  • dateCheckedTo

That practically means that our clients using the API can choose a date range of price checks to be returned when executing getMeasurements(). That will come in quite handy for the clients who perform frequent API calls to Price2Spy.


Now, for our clients who are not using Price2Spy API yet and who do not know what it is and how it works – here is a short introduction of what Price2Spy API is, and how it can be used.
Price2Spy application-programming interface (API) is a Web service that enables direct communication between Price2Spy and a client’s software. Communication between the two takes place once Price2Spy has been integrated into the client’s software solution,  and the client’s programmers develop their side of the interface. Having done this part, clients are ready to access all the pricing data existing on their Price2Spy account and manipulate them without ever having to log in to Price2Spy. This means that API actually enables them to change the data existing in Price2Spy by changing the data inside their own software which will communicate with Price2Spy software.

For instance, a client wants to keep up with competitors’ prices for a particular set of products – but only for prices within a certain range or price changes passing a certain threshold. Price2Spy price checks competitor sites every day and once one such price change gets detected, Price2Spy communicates it to the client’s software, which automatically changes the current price to a new price in accordance with the previously set instructions.

There is a number of ways Price2Spy API can be used, the above example is just one of them. We sincerely hope you’ll make the most of our API service.




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