Price2Spy’s Team Building at Fruška Gora

Best practices in price monitoring 21.5.2019. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Fruška Gora is one of the most beautiful nature parks in Serbia. Because of that, we choose it as the destination of our latest team building. Its unique nature only contributed to the already amazing atmosphere and bonding of our team.

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Days were spent in nature and on a swimming pool, socializing and laughing. During nights, with the sound of acoustic guitar and song in the background, we played board games, table tennis and pool ball. Our favorite game was definitely the word association. Many of us were taken back to their childhood, but we also learned a couple of not so commonly used words. 🙂


The most challenging activity was a 5-hours walking tour across Fruška Gora National Park. Our adventurous team spirit wasn’t destroyed by the mud that was there because of the bad weather. We hiked 16 km through extraordinary nature, visited monasteries Grgeteg and Velika Remeta and enjoyed ourselves. (:


Today, as we get back to our daily routine of taking care of our clients, we’re collecting our impressions and eagerly await for the next team building!