Repricing Opportunities: new price rounding options introduced

New Price2Spy features 14.1.2020. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Price2Spy clients who are using our Repricing Module already know that we’re offering high flexibility when it comes to our Repricing opportunities. In addition to Custom repricing opportunities, default types of repricing opportunities help you define your own pricing strategies, which can be segmented either per product category, brand or supplier (or – for all the products in your Price2Spy account).

However, until now, when defining a Repricing Opportunity (Clever Raise / Clever Drop), if you want to perform price rounding, you were only able to round Suggested price to the whole number (.00) by choosing one of the following options: Round up, Round down, Round to nearest number.

From now on, when defining or editing your Repricing Strategies you’ll be able to Round your product prices not only to whole numbers(.00) but also the following ones under the newly introduced How to perform rounding? drop-down menu:

  • .99
  • .95
  • .90


Once you click on Save, you’ll be able to see your changes on Opportunity URLs pages,

opportunity URL

as well as on Single Product pages.

single product pages

Additionally, from now on you’ll be able to see the last repricing calculation time per strategy, on your Repricing Opportunities page under the Last calculation run column.

Hope you’ll find it useful!


Cahide Gunes Pakay
Cahide Gunes Pakay is a Digital Marketing Manager at Price2Spy, an online price monitoring, pricing analytics, and repricing tool used by eCommerce professionals from all over the world. She loves reading, writing, and speaking about e-commerce, pricing, and competitive strategies. You can find her on LinkedIn.