rebranded to Amazon in UAE

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Back in 2017, Dubai-based e-commerce company – – was acquired by the e-commerce giant, Amazon. On April 30th, the switch has finally been made and is now officially redirecting all consumers to has been rebranded to All URLs now automatically takes you to, but Souq still remains available in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Until now, Middle Eastern customers were able to purchase products from Amazon US, but not all of them, since many products weren’t shipped to this region. With this move, Amazon will be able to reach more customers in this region and increase its profit.

This change didn’t bring only the possibility for customers to choose from more than 30 million products, but two important options in the way they shop too. For the first time, the Arabic language has been introduced to Amazon’s website and app. With this move they’re localizing the shopping experience, trying to win over the customers. A second important change is in regards to paying model. They will be able to pay cash on delivery, which wasn’t available before.

Customers aren’t the only one that have benefits from this, but businesses too. No matter their size, businesses from UAE are now going to be able to sell their products on Amazon. And while doing so they’ll have access to their tools and help, which will allow them to find customers easily and have better results.