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With so many apps on the market, price comparison has almost become an everyday activity. However, price comparison wouldn’t be possible without its key piece – product matching. For quite some time now, we’re witnessing many competitors who are offering very cheap and overly simplistic methods for product matching, bringing results that are of very...
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  Price2Spy team continues implementing new features, and this time addressing the needs of the clients in the rental properties industry! Over the years we have learned that time is the most valuable resource in the world of eCommerce. Hence we have noticed that many of our clients are short on time when it comes...
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The number of online stores and products sold on the Internet is getting bigger day by day. Due to this, finding a match for your product on competitors’ websites can be nearly impossible sometimes. So, how do some retailers manage to find and monitor matches for their products? Well, they use product matching, which is...

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