Top 8 Ways Email Marketing Is Changing With AI

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The effectiveness of email marketing is in being able to leverage technologies and useful innovations. This is why it is crucial to investigate the different ways that AI can enhance a brand’s email marketing strategy. 

AI has several innovative uses across different sectors and in marketing, but how does it directly affect email marketing? This article discusses some of the ways AI is changing email marketing.

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Subject line optimization 

It is old news that an email’s subject line determines whether or not the recipient would open the email, delete or ignore it. So this shows the importance of subject lines to emails. 

Thankfully, AI makes it easy to determine the subject lines that work and those that do not. So, for example, you can use AI to analyze your email open rates and help you understand the type of subject line that your audience responds to mostly. This takes away the guesswork and allows you to be precise. 

Determining the optimal sending time

Your email sending time is as important as the subject line in determining whether the audience opens it or not. You must know the best times that your customers are willing to check and open their email. So you can send it at that time for more effectiveness. AI helps you achieve this with ease. 

Superior metrics

According to a dissertation service at essay writing service UK, company executives and marketers need to determine the ROI of their marketing campaign to assess their performance correctly. To do this, you need accurate, efficient, and reliable metrics because different areas have so much happened for them. AI provides superior metrics for converting ratings and is a massive improvement on the multivariable nature of A/B testing. The traditional A/B testing does not offer the wide range of insight that AI offers. 

Intelligent segmentation 

You may be tempted to send a mass email to everybody on your list, but this means you will have many people receiving emails that are not relevant to them. Segmentation helps you solve this problem. You can also use AI for segmentation using the analysis from customer data without being limited to manual processes.

Personalized emails

Personalized emails produce higher open rates and click-through rates compared to stock email. It is also faster and more effective for generating conversions compared to generic emails. 

Marketers can use customer information from big data for email personalization and use it to understand the demographics, location, and customer’s preferred products. They will develop emails speaking to the customers directly and increasing their interest in some of your products with this insight. 

email marketing personalization

This marketing strategy is not possible without AI. The only way to achieve it is to leverage the extensive data in many companies’ CRMs. Being able to recognize customer’s behavior traits across several countries and cultures is very critical. 

Correct content creation 

Email personalization is more than just subject lines. The content of the email is equally as important. You must make sure you are giving the correct information about your products to convert more customers. When your email content is poorly formatted or poorly written, it will reflect poorly on your brand image.  So, if you’re preparing a bunch of SaaS Marketing Email Templates, make sure to create an engaging text and include relevant visuals.

AI evaluates social media content and analyzes user-generated content to determine the popular content among your target audience and automatically generate content. 

Email promo customization

An excellent way of convincing customers and prospects to join your email list is to provide exclusive discounts for people on your email lists. You can further increase the profitability by tailoring this deal to individual customers and prospects by assessing the most suitable offer for each person through machine learning. 

If a 10% discount is all a person needs to convince them, AI allows you to know this beforehand to provide them with the discount rate that works for them without hurting your business. You can also choose to offer other types of deals to some people based on the one that is more appropriate for them, such as free deliveries, rewards, discounts, returns, etc. AI will ensure that this is tailored to the experience and spending pattern of each person. 

Predictive analytics

When you are smart with your marketing, you will take the appropriate action at the proper time for the appropriate people. To be intelligent with your marketing and process data efficiently, marketers need predictive analytics. Gaining predictive analytics through AI allows marketers to gain actionable insight based on the customer’s behavior. 

According to the best essay writing service, this insight allows marketers to make decisions faster and send relevant messages to specific customers. When a customer feels recognized personally by a company, they will be more receptive. 


If a marketer or brand wants more success with their email marketing campaigns, they need to introduce AI and leverage it to connect better with their customers. 

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