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09:31 23 June in New Price2Spy features
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As you already might know, certain sites do their best to prevent automated price monitoring performed by Price2Spy and similar tools. Persistent system administrators have been paying a lot of attention on analyzing their site’s traffic and ultimately began blocking us. Price2Spy has successfully avoided classic ban techniques by using a powerful weapon to avoid such blocks for these sites – Stealth IP Traffic. We would like to inform you that the we added 2 more sites to the list of bot-aware sites:

  • from Portugal
  • from Romania

Now, good news is Price2Spy clients can continue to monitor and without any problems.

(Why do we turn to Stealth IP only as a last resort? The reason is simple – this type of IP traffic is very expensive, and may cause additional costs for clients who are monitoring many URLs on such sites. That is why we keep trying conventional IP methods till we feel we have exhausted all available possibilities – and that’s when we turn to Stealth IP traffic.)



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