Bouwkampioen - Belgium

Bouwkampioen – Belgium

How Price2Spy helped Bouwkampioen to deal with the competition

Bouwkampioen is a webshop specializing in selling professional construction materials to private individuals and companies. The webshop was founded in 2013, but they have 100 years of tradition within the construction material reselling business.

Bouwkampioen - Belgium

The wide range of products, a detailed network of logistic solutions for every order, and the emerging competition sometimes complicate their day-to-day operations. Thus, they understood that help would be very much needed. 

That’s how they crossed paths with Price2Spy in 2018, and since then together we keep building a strong partnership.

Key challenges

Offering customer-oriented service, while keeping cheap prices and a wide range of professional construction materials to the whole of Belgium and the Netherlands is not an easy task. 


It’s also important to emphasize that Bouwkampioen was the first online shop of this kind in Belgium. As always, being a pioneer is a double edge sword. You’re a novelty on the market, and everyone is intrigued, but since no one, before you have taken that path, you have to learn everything along the way. Over time, the competition understood that online presence brings multiple benefits, so they tried to find their place by offering prices slightly below Bouwkampioen.


At the same time, Bouwkampioen’s product catalog size kept growing (15000+ articles), and managing everything manually was no longer an option. Without a clear view of the price movements of certain articles in the market,·keeping the leading position became challenging. 


The client decided to test out a couple of price monitoring tools, but Price2Spy was the easiest to start up and gave them the option to scale up when needed, without needing to buy complicated subscription formulas or without difficult technical requirements to link to their webshop environment.

Price2Spy’s given solutions

As we mentioned, this client has been a part of the Price2Spy family since 2018, so we had time to get a deeper understanding of the client’s issues and also to act accordingly along the way. 


Since the beginning, the Bouwkampioen team has been sending us the products they want to import into their Price2Spy account, and our team is in charge of doing the product matching. Product matching is a process during which we do the comparison of clients’ products with their competition. This means finding the equivalent product on your competitors’ websites and linking them with your corresponding product within Price2Spy. Therefore, that’s the first step in our collaboration. 


Price2Spy offers different product matching types, but in the case of Bouwkampioen, Automatch turned out to be the best. As the name suggests, Automatch is an automated matching process. Even if the product matches are not found initially, Automatch will keep going, and once it finds the right match on a competitor’s website, it will pick it up, and add it to the Price2Spy account. 


After the products have been matched, our clients can decide what data is the most relevant in their case. Usually, our team will make certain recommendations, but the client always has the final word. The best way of presenting and understanding the data collected by Price2Spy is by using some of our reports. The report that’s most used by our clients is the Price matrix report.


The price matrix report shows all the sites (X-axis) and all the products (Y-axis) that the client is monitoring. Thus, it enables the client to visually identify products for which his pricing is the most or the least expensive. That’s just something that Bouwkampioen indeed needs because competitors are trying to get their place by offering lower prices. 


Whenever a price change occurs, our clients can receive Alert emails as a form of notification. The client decided to receive an Alert email once a day but chose the option to be sent to 5 email addresses so that the whole team gets notified. 

Price2Spy made our life easier. Using price tracking software and services is not only cost-efficient, but it also gives us a better view of price movements in general, resulting in better purchase & sale management. – Olivier Leus, Owner Bouwkampioen 


Are you also struggling with competition monitoring and staying on top of the market? Don’t waste any more time and start your 30 days free trial period with Price2Spy.


By its nature, Price2Spy is a very sensitive and discrete tool. For that reason, we have to be very careful about our client’s data privacy, which is an absolute priority for us.


Therefore, we will not be able to show too many testimonials or success stories on this page. The ones we will show should just give you a brief idea of how Price2Spy can be used in your own business.