How it works

How it works

How Price2Spy works


Although Price2Spy contains very powerful price monitoring features, it is actually pretty easy to use. No software to purchase / install, no servers to maintain – that’s all in our hands.

It works as simple as this:


  • Sign up for a Free 30-day Price2Spy trial account;
  • Let us know which sites you’d like to monitor. If you don’t know which websites to monitor – no problem, we can do website discovery for you;
  • Price2Spy needs to know which products you’d like to monitor. You can either match products across competitor sites yourself, or ask us to do this for you;
  • … and that’s it… from the moment product URLs have been entered in Price2Spy, it starts working for you: each day it will automatically check if the price on any of the online stores you have provided has changed. If the product price (or availability) has changed, Price2Spy will send you an alert email, so you are aware of the change. You will be able to instantly compare the prices on all online stores defined, which will enable you to swiftly make some important pricing decisions of your own.

What will you get from Price2Spy?


  • Detailed pricing comparison reports – who’s offering what, at what prices;
  • Automatic price change email alerts;
  • Historical price history charts and stock information;
  • Potential profit gains / pricing adjustments, based on your own business rules and strategies;
  • Clear indication of MAP (minimal advertised price) violations;
  • Your own customized reports in the form of graphical pricing dashboard;
  • In case you’d like a tighter software integration – API connection to your won software, delivering pricing data straight into your own database.

See it in action


Please check our video tutorial page to find out how Price2Spy can help your business.

With over 8 years of running a price monitoring business and over 600 clients worldwide, we have gathered significant experience and defined several best price monitoring practices, tailor-made for specific industries. Our pricing intelligence software tracks prices collects competitive pricing data and helps you analyze the market.

Sounds interesting? Please schedule a demo session, so we can get familiar with your business needs, and advise the best ways to proceed.