Minimal Advertised Price (MAP)
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Minimal Advertised Price (MAP)

Minimal Advertised Price (MAP) monitoring


In today’s world of eCommerce, MAP (Minimal Advertised Price) or MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) or sometimes called Street Price and RRP (Recommended Retail price) (the term depends on the industry and region) have become pretty important terms, both for manufacturers and retailers. In addition to regular price monitoring and alerting, Price2Spy has a mechanisms to alert you when an online store (either your competitor or your retailer) violates this price. Such violations will be indicated in the following and very easily spotted by users:


  • Alert emails
  • Product list
  • Product section
  • Price Matrix report
  • Pricing Dashboard
  • Special report named ‘Price below MAP’


MAP violations can be monitored in various markets, and various currencies. In such cases, please make sure to specify the currency exchange rate in your Price2Spy settings.

All instances of MAP violations will be coloured in a special colour (by default – Orange; this can be customized just like any other colour in Price2Spy colour scheme)

Price2Spy findings can easily be used to document MAP violations, which can be very useful for your further business proceedings.

Last but not least – there are rare cases where MAP does not stand for Minimal, but for Maximal Advertised Price instead. Price2Spy supports such scenario as well, all you need to do is modify it in your Settings.


MAP / RRP violations tutorial video


How to keep an eye on MAP (RRP) price violations – video tutorial