Why Price2Spy?
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Why Price2Spy?

Stop wasting time and money – Price2Spy can make a difference!


It’s simple


  • In less than 5 minutes’ time, you will be able to set up price checking for your first product. The following products will be even faster;
  • Too busy to set it up yourself? No problem, just send us a list of up to 25 products and we will set the price monitoring for you – free of any charge – as part of your free trial;
  • Email notifications you will receive are clear and easy to use;
  • Repricing suggestions will also be clear and easy to implement;
  • Price2Spy is an online price monitoring tool, meaning that all technical setup is on us. All you need to do is use it.


It’s powerful



  • It can check prices on any website (currently we monitor more than 60 000 sites – the number is growing on a daily basis);
  • It gives you a full history of price changes that have happened over time;
  • It checks not only product price but product availability as well;
  • It can check prices even on online stores that do not show prices before an item is clicked, or added to the shopping cart;
  • It’s especially good at monitoring sites that do not want to be monitored – please read more on stealth IP traffic; It can even handle CAPTCHA-protected sites
  • Intelligence on your competitor/supplier relationships;
  • Based on your needs – some products can be checked each couple of hours; while others can be checked on a daily / weekly basis;
  • Repricing – instantly identify profit/turnover increasing opportunities; reprice your own products in just a few clicks;
  • Alerts you when MAP price gets violated;
  • You will be able to know when competitors run out of inventory;
  • Price2Spy API enables tight integration with your own software;
  • It can capture much more than just product prices: shipping costs, prices before promotion, delivery terms, etc.;
  • Price2Spy Automatch can be used to automatically (and continually!) find matching products on individual sites; while Multi-Automatch can be used to find matches on Price Comparison Websites (like Google Shopping, Idealo, Prisjakt, etc etc)
  • Matching Suggestions – harvest Price2Spy product knowledge base to speed up setting up your Price2Spy account.
  • Mobile version – you can access your Price2Spy account and see the most recent developments with a mobile-friendly version of Price2Spy. Or, just download our app for Android or iOS.
  • It uses very advanced technology to read and convert the site content (prices, product or seller info) displayed in images.
  • The user management module allows multiple user accounts, each with its own account permissions
  • Capturing screenshots – enabling you to always have evidence of price changes/price violations in the screenshot form

It’s discrete


  • Price2Spy works for you, but your competitors will never know that you are monitoring their prices. Technically, it is our servers that perform this task;
  • Our servers are scattered all around the world, your competitors will have a really hard time to find out that someone is monitoring their prices. Even if they do, we always have the option to ‘go stealth’;
  • Our privacy rules are very strict – we never discuss our clients’ account details with anyone outside our team.

It’s affordable


  • Try before you buy – 30-day trial period is there so you can evaluate Price2Spy effectiveness for yourself;
  • Our price plans are designed in such a way that the more you use it, the lower the price per product gets;
  • There is no limit to the number of competitor sites we can monitor for you.

It’s flexible


  • You can track just a few products with one competitor, and a whole lot with another one. What matters is just the total number of product URLs tracked;
  • You can track prices from different markets, in different currencies; you can choose to keep the original currency or to apply the exchange rate;
  • Unlike most other price monitoring solutions, Price2Spy does not limit the number of competitors you can monitor. We charge you per total number of product URLs you’re monitoring – be it just 2, 22, or 122 competitors;
  • Pricing Dashboard enables you to create your own tailor-made widgets/reports with just a few clicks;
  • Price2Spy API enables you to access pricing data without leaving your own application. Or, if you use one of the standard supported platforms, you can easily automate the feed of new products from your store into Price2Spy;
  • Or, you can set up your custom automated pricing reports to receive them on a daily basis;
  • It can monitor websites from a number of geographically diverse locations (for sites that work only from specific countries);
  • Organizationally – your Price2Spy account can be set up to match your own organization patterns (either per brand, product category or market)
  • User management module will enable you to set up multiple user accounts, each with its own account permissions;
  • If you wish to have a very specific logic for repricing your products on the market that we don’t have a ready solution for, just send us your requirements, and we’ll come up with a tailor-made repricing solution


It’s proven


  • Please check our testimonials page. We have proven on our own example that using Price2Spy results in both turnover and profit increase.