Incontinence Choice - UK

Incontinence Choice – UK

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How Price2Spy helped Incontinence Choice to adjust its prices and become more competitive

Incontinence Choice - UK

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Too many older people feel they have no one to turn to for support. There are a number of helpful charities in the UK with the main aim of helping the elderly – one of them being Age UK. As a leading charity, they are collaborating with many partners among which is the Incontinence choice as the No.1 incontinence retailer.

Their main goal is to offer the largest product range, with the lowest price, by providing exceptional service. The incontinence market is price sensitive, therefore a constant contest for the best price while generating a profit margin is always present. 


Since monitoring the prices manually has become too demanding, they have researched the best software that could help them automate this process. The decision fell on Price2Spy.


Key challenges


The main issue for reaching out to Price2Spy is that the incontinence market is price sensitive. Price sensitive markets require frequent price monitoring, and if it’s done manually it can bring up additional challenges:


  • Time to manually monitor prices and then adjust;
  • Monitoring could never be as up to date as the client would like;
  • Not an efficient use of time;
  • Results that are not very accurate;
  • Heavily dependant on the human error;


The challenges have remained, as well as the main goal of gaining an insight into competitors’ pricing, which should allow the client to know how best to adjust their prices. It has become obvious that automated price monitoring software would do a better job.


Price2Spy’s solutions


Before reaching out to Price2Spy, Incontinence Choice would occasionally take the time to monitor the prices, but that wasn’t enough. Although still in the implementation process, Price2Spy has been able to provide the client with a tailored service. Price2Spy has allowed them to adjust the software around their needs, with the ability to filter and change the type of scrape they want on a daily basis.


Our team knew what would be just the right solution for the challenges that Incontinence Choice was facing:


  • Product matching performed manually to ensure that all different variations are located. This task is done by our Price2Spy data entry team. By doing so, we managed to tackle the client’s most important problem – inefficient use of time and inaccurate results;
  • Price checks are done once per day so the client can always be up to date; Besides price monitoring, Price2Spy is also providing information about the availability;
  • The prices from the URLs are captured by the Link my store feature. This feature allows the client to easily integrate their online store with Price2Spy;
  • Stealth IP traffic – whenever there is a need for monitoring many products, it’s very likely that the site’s administrator will grow suspicious of traffic created by our servers. In order to find a way around this, Price2Spy created Stealth IP traffic. This technique makes it practically impossible for system administrators to distinguish regular website traffic from the traffic generated by Price2Spy.


With Price2Spy, the client got an automatic tool that can monitor both their competition and their own market performance.


“Thanks to Price2Spy, providing a daily price scrape has enhanced our understanding of the market, therefore allowed us to be more price competitive. “ Jemima Gould, Incontinence Choice


Do you also struggle with competition monitoring and staying on top of the market? 

Don’t waste any more time and start your 30 days free trial period with Price2Spy.


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