Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty - Price monitoring in health and beauty industry


  • One of the specifics of this industry is different packaging options – a product is typically offered in several different packages / volumes, all on a single product page.
  • Number of individual products (SKUs) varies: from 300 to 20 000 depending on the client size
  • In recent days more and more of our clients monitor Google Shopping as a kind of shortcut to monitoring a multitude of individual sites

Greatest challenges

  • Unfortunately, as with other similar industries, no EAN / standardized part numbers are available (even when they are, retail sites do not use this data, as it’s of no importance to the end client)
  • The presence of numerous product variations (most frequently regarding quantity)

Our clients

Health & Beauty
Health & Beauty

Our Clients: StrawberryNet,


Pricing dashboard

For your daily pricing operations Price2Spy reports and dashboard will make your life easier by enabling you to quickly check various aspects of your competitive landscape by many different segments (e.g. brands, product categories).


Price history chart

If you need an easy drill down to the product details at any time – price history chart will help you. It will show you the development of prices over time, so you will easily recognize important patterns in your competitors’ pricing behavior (for example: who’s setting price trends / who’s following).


MAP (minimal advertised price)

The most important feature used by brands / manufacturers is our MAP module – which helps them automatically detect retail sites who are in violation of minimal advertised price.