Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies - Price monitoring in Pet Supplies industry


  • In case of global brands / manufacturers – the number of retail sites watched is usually between 50 and 200. In case of retail sites monitoring their competitors, this figure is usually much smaller (as we’re speaking of niche markets) – between 10 and 25 sites
  • Number of individual products (SKUs) varies: from up to 1000 (for brands / manufacturers) all the way up to 20 000 for retail sites

Greatest challenges

  • More or less non-standardized product names (which affects the way an account is set up) to a variety of package sizes (especially when speaking about pet food)
  • Another specific thing about this industry is different packaging options for the same product, meaning that one particular product may come in different sizes / packages / volumes and all product variations / sizes may be displayed on a single product page. This is not only a challenge for product matching but for price monitoring as well

Our clients

Pet Supplies

Our Client: ValleyVet


API Integration

Integration with client’s eCommerce software, paired with Automatch approach enables full process automation – newly added products get auto-discovered on competitor sites, and Price2Spy starts monitoring them.


Multiple markets, one account

When monitoring sites across many different markets, our clients usually go for the ‘common currency solution’ – the original currency of the site is converted to the manufacturer’s common currency, so the prices across different markets are easier to compare.


MAP (minimal advertised price)

Price2Spy’s ability to capture the prices from within shopping cart greatly helps detect MAP violation cases which are not so easy to spot (available in Price2Spy Premium user accounts)