Printers, Office supplies

Printers, Office supplies

Printers, Office supplies - making your way amongst 10 000s of SKUs


  • This industry, characterized by thousands of SKUs, sometimes very similar and interchangeable parts, is a very good example of why efficient price monitoring is considered to be one of key ingredients to business success
  • Many of our clients use Price2Spy not to monitor their competitors, but actually to monitor prices offered by their suppliers instead – so they can optimize their supply costs

Greatest challenges

  • Since this industry requires monitoring supplier websites as well, that brings us to one of the big challenges that Price2Spy had to overcome – monitoring sites that require login / password to access the product pricing
  • Given the fact that we’re speaking of 10 000s of different SKUs, Price2Spy has performed several site crawls, projects in order to help its clients get all the products from their supplier sites

Our clients

Printers, Office supplies

Our Client: Epson


API Integration

Dealing with so many different SKUs is much more comfortable in your own software, and that’s why the majority of our clients from this industry have implemented the Price2Spy API Interface – which enables them to get fresh, raw pricing data directly in their own database.



MAP (minimal advertised price)

A very common occurrence are the competitors who are trying to play against the market rules. In order to become aware of them, our clients can use MAP violation module. This particularly counts for the sites who try to hide such MAP violations by showing the price only after the product is added to the shopping cart



Pricing dashboard

With so many products whose price is changing very often you need a widget that will help you to stay afloat in a competitive market. Pricing dashboard will give you the opportunity to create your own pricing reports.