Leading Household & Furniture brand - USA

Leading Household & Furniture brand – USA

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How Price2Spy helped Household & Furniture brand to follow the competitor's stock status

When we move into a new living space, we all think that the worst part (which is finding the right space) is finally over and that we are left with the wonderful task of redecorating our new home. We expect everything to run smoothly, but then every family member comes up with their own ideas and the process suddenly becomes much more complicated than we thought. The aspects that we consider as basic and easy to choose, such as floors or kitchen/bathroom tiles somehow become the subject of debate.

Leading Household & Furniture brand - USA


One of Price2Spy’s client turned this conundrum into a successful business of creating a beautiful space to live, work, and play. Besides offering almost countless number of designs of tiles, floors and working surfaces for your home, they’ve also thought about the cause of the problem – clients are not able to see how the selection that they’ve made would look in their house. Therefore, they’ve created an online interior design service that offers customers a chance to experiment with layouts and different options in a 3D-rendering of a room in their actual home.


Obstacles on the eCommerce market 


When you are a part of an industry that is full of competitors, it’s not easy to stay on top of your game – especially in the eCommerce environment. So, when approaching to Price2Spy, these types of clients are not only interested in monitoring their competitors’ prices, but have other requirements as well:


  • Following the stock status – sometimes clients have an insight into how much approximately their competitor earns according to the number of products that they sell. So, when they do the sum from the stock status that they receive from Price2Spy, the figures are not the same. They might come to the conclusion that Price2Spy didn’t do something right, but we’ll further explain this in the Solutions part.


  • Frequent price checks – in such a competitive industry there is always the need for feature.


  • Customizable reports – gathering all the necessary data won’t mean much if it’s not shown and well-explained with adequate reports.


Price2Spy’s solutions


In this case, one of the most challenging tasks for Price2Spy was to actually explain to the clients why the numbers that Price2Spy sends them aren’t matching with the ones that they’ve come to when following the stock status. 


  • Price2Spy, as well as any other price monitoring tool for that matter, can analyze only the information that is displayed on the website, and not the whole product assortment that their competitor might have. This is one of the most common misunderstandings that we come across when speaking to clients about following the stock status


  • The client wanted to have automated reports so that they can compare the prices – in that case, our Price2Spy team needed to perform more than one price check per day, because doing only one would end up in the same results


  • Customized reports– the client has expressed the need to customize the reports by themselves instead of sending it to us in Price2Spy. This request was forwarded to our Management and soon the best solution was found.


Sometimes we come across some not so usual request, but as always, Price2Spy does its best to fulfill them. By doing so, we aren’t only helping a particular client, but as well learning something new and obtaining useful experience for the future.


By its nature, Price2Spy is a very sensitive and discrete tool. For that reason, we have to be very careful about our client’s data privacy, which is an absolute priority for us.

Therefore, we will not be able to show too many testimonials nor success stories on this page. The ones we will show should just give you a brief idea on how Price2Spy can be used in your own business.