Let's Ferry - Greece

Let’s Ferry – Greece

How Price2Spy helped Let’s Ferry stay ahead of the competition

Have you ever heard of Let’s Ferry?


If you’re a fan of Greek islands tours, then you’ve probably heard of them. If don’t know who they are, here’s a great opportunity to get to know them better!


Nothing compares to summer, right? However, before you take that first dip or drink your favorite cocktail on the beach, you need to organize the trip first. Dealing with travel arrangements and tickets can often be tedious. People usually have the wrong impression that island tours are difficult to organize. 


That’s why Let’s Ferry is here! For years, they’ve been helping tourists around the world to discover the beauties of Greece and spend an unforgettable vacation.


Let’s take a look at how Price2Spy has helped this company stand out from its competitors.

Let's Ferry - Greece

Let’s Ferry key challenges

This company has a 35 years long tradition, but Let’s Ferry online travel agency was launched in 2015 and has been successful ever since. In this short time, they managed to win numerous awards and position themselves as one of the top 3 leading ferry ticket booking platforms in the Greek market. Besides being present in the Greek and Adriatic seas, they’re also looking for expanding towards other European destinations. 


However, such dizzying success comes with certain problems. Competitors noticed them, so maintaining an excellent market position became more difficult. 


Some important issues came afloat:


  • Maintaining brand awareness
  • Rebuilding all their technology and systems
  • Arranging the prices


These problems have the same core – incorrect planning. Every business aspect requires detailed planning, and the lack of it always results in financial losses. In the case of Let’s Ferry, planning was even more important as it sought to gain a leading position in a number of different markets.


To be present in different markets requires price harmonization with each market individually. Achieving that isn’t easy at all, so Let’s Ferry needed help.


While Let’s Ferry loves organizing tickets and trips, Price2Spy loves organizing prices. 🙂 


Let’s take a look at how we helped them.

Price2Spy’s given solutions

Let’s Ferry has never used price monitoring tools before, so their basic expectation from Price2Spy was to help them better understand the market and position themselves on it.


Price2Spy immediately recognized their needs, so the following options proved to be the best solutions for this company:


  • Monitoring complex booking sitesPerforming price monitoring is not always easy. Some websites can be more complex than others, but that’s not an obstacle for Price2Spy. Booking sites usually have a more complex structure, and that’s the case with some of the Let’s Ferry competitors as well. 


  • Alert mailsWhen there are many competitors present, it’s crucial to be alarmed as soon as the price change happens. In the travel industry, this is even more important. Many agencies are offering first or last-minute discounts, group discounts, or discounts for children. Those offers can change rather quickly so it’s important to be promptly informed whenever the price change takes place. 


  • Powerful reporting mechanismIt’s useless to have the data without properly understanding it. That’s why Price2Spy has numerous reports where the clients can have both graphical and numerical data at a glance. Also, all the reports can be customized if the clients have any special requirements. Due to our reports, Let’s Ferry has a complete understanding of their market position. 


We are glad that we have once again contributed to someone’s success!


“We’re sure that Price2Spy will help us to market our position more precisely which will lead to achieving better results.” – Michalis Papyrakis Commercial Director

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