Pricing intelligence

Price Monitoring, Comparison & Repricing in Real Time

What is Price2Spy ?


  • Price2Spy is one of the world leading price monitoring, comparison and repricing tools launched back in 2011 and used by more than 700 companies of all sizes, worldwide.


Our clients are:


  • Retail companies (eCommerce) who want to monitor their competitor prices, identify products with potential pricing opportunities or reprice their products.
  • Brands / manufacturers who want to monitor how their online retailers price their products on the market or reprice their products.

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  • Pricing intelligence
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Pricing intelligence

Main Features

Pricing Intelligence

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Dynamic Pricing & Repricing

Assortment Intelligence

MAP Monitoring

Smart Spidering

Multichannel Support

API Integration

Best practices

There are so many different ways you can use Price2Spy for your day-to-day operations. Here are some basic hints:

Price Matrix Report

Pricing intelligencePricing intelligence

Just a few clicks and you’ll know who’s at low and who’s at high end of the market

Who ran out of stock and when

Pricing intelligencePricing intelligence

Pricing dashboard will show you most recent price and stock changes and so much more

Alerting mechanisms

Pricing intelligencePricing intelligence

Instant or daily price change alerts help you react swiftly and effectively

Price comparison at a glance

Pricing intelligencePricing intelligence

Who tends to be cheaper? For all brands or just some of them?

Identifying pricing opportunities

Pricing intelligencePricing intelligence

Which products are underpriced? Which products can go lower, but still be within the desired profit margin?

Product history chart

Pricing intelligencePricing intelligence

See how each competitor changed the prices over time


Pricing intelligence

Price2Spy has made price monitoring so simple for me. I can easily focus on my key competitors and get a great overview of pricing by using Reports and Dashboard widgets. I am looking forward to implementing other features, such as the Pricing strategies.

Joost Stekelenburg, HD-TOOLS B.V.

Pricing intelligence

We’ve been greatly impressed with the technical features of the tool and how fast the new features were being added and implemented. We are referring to the Competitor group feature in particular, now I can have a clear view of the different competitors per country! Very nice!


Pricing intelligence

Price2Spy is a useful and flexible tool that has helped us monitor changes in the home decor industry more efficiently. We are still in the process exploring all of the useful features Price2Spy offers and are looking forward to implementing some additional functionality in the future.

Evan Posner, Select Shops

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700+ customers worldwide

70.000+ monitored websites

9+ years in business

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