Changing delivery time (not the price)

Changing delivery time (not the price)

Changing delivery time (not the price)

This German client did something extraordinary - basing his delivery time on delivery times of his comeptitors

Price2Spy offers a variety of possibilities to its clients and allows them to suggest and request solutions for their needs. Customizability is one of the reasons why Price2Spy is so popular worldwide and often chosen over its competitors. 


Having in mind Price2Spy’s flexibility, companies are reaching out with all kinds of requests. Three years ago, a client from Germany contacted us with an extraordinary request to base its delivery time on the delivery times of its competitors.


This client belongs to the household and furniture industry, sells heating equipment, and has 25,000 products on their Shopware online store. 

How did Price2Spy help?

Price2Spy adjusted its Repricing Module to come up with a solution per the client’s request, therefore we modified Repricing to be used for delivery time instead of pricing. In this case, the Custom Repricing Rule is applied. If a competitor’s delivery time is shorter than the client’s, Price2Spy  automatically adjusts the client’s delivery time to match the delivery time of that competitor.


Out of 25,000 products available, Price2Spy monitors a delivery time of 10,000 products on 180 competitor websites in Germany. Once the shorter delivery time is detected, Price2Spy applies a fully automated delivery time adjustment. On average, Price2Spy suggests 60 to 80 delivery time changes daily.


The client’s Shopify store is linked via the Link My Store feature to its Price2Spy account via Webhook. The company’s category managers log in to the Price2Spy account daily to monitor pricing analytics but do not interfere with custom repricing as it is done fully automatically.

Additional information

For the client’s general information, take a look at the table on the right.


In case the default repricing opportunities are not meeting your requirements, you’re welcome to request or define your own custom repricing rules, just like our German client has done. If you’d like to check out the tool before you decide to let us monitor your competitors and do the repricing for you, subscribe for a 30-day free trial


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Features Details
Country Germany
Client size Premium
Category Managers 3
Industry Household & Furniture
Platform Shopware
Number of products 25000