Why Price2Spy

Why Price2Spy

It’s simple and powerful!


  • Email notifications you will receive are clear and easy to use;
  • Price2Spy is an online tool, meaning that technical setup is on us. All you need to do is use it
  • Based on your needs – some products can be checked each couple of hours; while others can be checked on a daily / weekly basis;
  • Instantly identify profit increasing opportunities;
  • Alerts you when MAP price gets violated;
  • Price2Spy API enables tight integration with your own software;
  • It can capture much more than just product prices: shipping costs, prices before promotion, delivery terms etc.
  • Price2Spy Automatch can automatically (and continually!) find matching products on competitor sites.

It’s flexible!


  • Unlike most other price monitoring solutions, Price2Spy does not limit the number of competitors you can monitor. We charge you per total number of product URLs you’re monitoring – be it just 2, 22, or 122 competitors;
  • Pricing Dashboard enables you to create your own tailor made widgets / reports with just a few clicks;
  • Or, you can set up your custom automated pricing reports to receive them on a daily basis;

It’s proven


  • Please check our testimonials page. We have proven on our own example that using Price2Spy results in both turnover and profit increase.