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How Price2Spy helped Wohnparc.de to monitor many products with dynamic prices


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Apart from the fact that it is often a large expense, decorating a home is also a reflection of our lifestyle. Therefore, choosing the right furniture is a matter of trust. And to whom should you place your trust, if not to a company that has a 3 generations-long tradition? Besides their history, they are also a family business, so your home is definitely in safe hands. German customers already know this, so they have a good reason to make Wohnparc.de their first choice when it comes to choosing the right furniture. 

Their story goes back to 1929 when Wilhelm Dick Senior started the production of individual pieces in small series. They have come a long way since then – today they have another store Gartenmoebel for garden furniture, and Lampify, with which they entered the field of the lighting industry. 


Such a large market share also brings certain problems. But, that’s why Price2Spy is here! 🙂


Key challenges


Fulfilling the mission of staying customer-focused while coordinating online and offline activities can be very demanding, especially with having so many products.


Many challenges arise from there:


  • very competitive market;
  • monitoring different products (some of them have seasonal character);
  • many products with dynamic prices;
  • much manual work.


Their internal growth, as well as the popularity of eCommerce in general, have made manual price monitoring insufficient. It has become obvious that automated price monitoring software would do a better job.


After a long search for a price monitoring tool, Price2Spy seemed like the best solution. 


Price2Spy’s solutions


Before reaching out to Price2Spy, the client would take the time to monitor the prices manually, but that wasn’t enough. They were spending too much time on it, without having a proper market overview. 


Our team knew what could solve the challenges that this client was facing:


  • Manual matching – this was the best solution for Gartenmoebel and Lampify since it provides 99,8% matching accuracy;
  • Direct repricing – since many of their products have prices that are very dynamic, direct repricing was one of the solutions that turned out to be extremely helpful. Currently, it’s only applicable on Lampify, but we’re in the process of including it for Gartenmoebel as well;
  • Product variations – their products come in different sizes and colors, therefore there is a significant number of websites where we needed to enable parameters;
  • Additional fields – there are a few websites where we’re using additional fields (delivery time)


With Price2Spy, the client got an automatic tool that can monitor both their competition and their own market performance.


“Price2Spy is a modern and intuitive tool that helps us to stay on track with market prices. We are happy that as we grow and develop our business, Price2Spy always meets our changing requirements.” – Nadiia Kirsanova, Wohnparc.de


Do you also struggle with competition monitoring and staying on top of the market? 


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By its nature, Price2Spy is a very sensitive and discrete tool. For that reason, we have to be very careful about our client’s data privacy, which is an absolute priority for us.

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