Pricing : Product matching services

Manual product matching / data entry service

Over the years we have learned that time is the most valuable resource in the world of eCommerce. Hence we have noticed that many of our clients are short on time when it comes to mathing and entering competitors' products / URLs into Price2Spy.

Our data entry team can help in such situations. What we'd need from you is a list of products you would like added to Price2Spy, followed by a list of your competitors.

Our task will be setting up all these products in your Price2Spy account, so you get notified of any price changes detected from that moment on.

Each of your products will be checked on your competitors' sites, and manually matched with yours. The result is a human-made, nonsense-free, high quality list of matches, whose reliability is much higher than what you get from price comparison engines (like Google Shopping and others). When performing product matching, our team will check not only product names, but also technical specs and product images - in order to ensure that a match is indeed a proper one.

When setting your account up, we will add first 25 products for free. As for the rest of products, please contact us for a quote. (Since our product matching team is located in Eastern Europe, we are able to offer very competitive prices for this service).

One important thing to keep in mind: although our data entry team is located in Serbia, which enables us to offer lower manual labour costs, we insist on the quality of product matching we do for our clients. This part of Price2Spy team has been steadily growing over time, thus accumulating significant matching experience across various industries, across many different markets. Further, quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of this process, performed by 2 dedicated QA team members.

Continuous automated product matching (Automatch)

Unlike manual product matching, where there's a human checking each and every match, the Automatch process is continuous and fully automated. Please check more details on our Automatch page.