Bulk operations are now possible for URLs

New Price2Spy features 11.5.2023. Reading Time: < 1

We’re aware of how important efficiency is for our clients. Importing, measuring, and deleting products can take some time, especially if you have lots of products. That’s why enabling bulk actions was so important for us in Price2Spy. 

So far, bulk operations were only possible on the website level. However, from now on, bulk operations will be available for URLs as well. 

This can be activated very easily from the Price2Spy account:

On the Product details page, each matched URL has a checkbox that can be used for bulk actions. URLs within one product can now be activated/deactivated, deleted, demoted, measured, or set to be shown/hidden from reports.

The same can be done from My Products when a URL search is used (but not all options are

available in that case). Bulk actions from My products are also convenient for actions on the

URLs from the same site, but with different products.

Bulk operations are now possible for URLs

We hope that you’ll find this update useful and time-saving. 

In case you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@price2spy.com


Ana Popovic
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