Price2Spy custom import feed supports notes and image URLs

New Price2Spy features 1.9.2022. Reading Time: < 1

We’re here with some news about the custom import feed! From now on, the custom import feed will support notes and image URLs. 

Our team was occasionally receiving inquiries regarding the possibility of leaving notes/comments when entering a new URL in the Price2Spy account. Therefore, you might remember that some time ago, Price2Spy enabled this option, but only for the URL notes. Now, the custom import feed gets another update – supporting image URLs.

Clients who have Price2Spy custom import feed can now link URL notes and image URLs for their feed URLs. Those fields need to be turned on from admin, except Note 1 which is enabled by default.

 In your feed, this would be the order of new fields (columns L-Q are intended for new fields):

Price2Spy custom import feed supports notes and image URLs

We hope that you’ll find our update useful! 

Let us know your impressions and comments. We would love to hear from you!


Ana Popovic
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