Price2Spy has new Repricing feature updates

New Price2Spy features 1.6.2022. Reading Time: 4 minutes

You haven’t heard from us in a while, but now we’re back with great news! As always, we’ve been busy improving our tool so that you, our clients, can use it for improving your business even further! 

This time we’re here with a couple of novelties regarding one of our most popular features – Repricing

Repricing price change limit

A new setting is introduced that allows you to determine the change limit of the price that is suggested to be repriced (changed). It actually means that, if the price fulfills all other conditions to be repriced, but if changed it exceeds the given limit, it will not be suggested for repricing.

All you need to do is to follow a couple of easy steps from your Price2Spy account in order to enable these settings: 

  • Repricing>Repricing opportunities>New strategy (wizard) – if you are creating a new strategy
  • Repricing>Repricing opportunities> Strategy> 3 dots menu>Edit – if you want to edit an existing strategy
Repricing price change limit

Let’s present this through an example:

The current product price is 10 and you don’t want it dropped below 2%, but the suggested price would be 7.2 (according to all other criteria) – this product will not be included in the repricing suggestions.

Repricing strategy – additional operations

You can now use a new option for Clever drop and Clever raise. This means that addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division can be set for Clever drop and Clever raise and the suggested price will change according to the selected operation and number.

Let’s present this through an example:

If the suggested price is 10, and you set Modify new price settings, where Operation is Subtraction and Number is 2, the suggested price will not be 10 anymore, but 8.

Again, the steps for enabling these settings are very easy:

  • Repricing>Repricing opportunities>New strategy (wizard) – if you are creating a new strategy
  • Repricing>Repricing opportunities> Strategy> 3 dots menu>Edit – if you want to edit an existing strategy
Repricing strategy - additional operations

Edit custom repricing parameters

If you are using Custom repricing, you have an option to edit the parameters for your repricing strategy.

You can find your custom repricing strategy parameters by following a few easy steps: 

  • Repricing>Repricing opportunities>Strategy>3 dots menu>Edit

All you need to do is to contact your account manager and list the parameters you wish were editable. After that, our team will assess if those parameters can be editable and enable you to use this option.

repricing feature updates

Sort Repricing Opportunity URLs

The steps to follow:

  • Account>Repricing>Repricing opportunities>Strategy>Affected products page

This feature allows you to sort their repricing products (ASC/DESC) by following columns:

  • Product name
  • My price
  • Last change (default)
  • Competitor name
  • Category
  • Brand
  • Supplier
  • Metadata 1
  • Metadata 2
  • Metadata 3

Exported Excel will be sorted the same way.

Sort Repricing Opportunity URLs - Price2Spy

Profitability titles are changed for repricing

The steps to follow:

  • Account>>Account settings>>Repricing had a settings dropdown Base profitability calculation on. This setting and options are changed.
  • Base profitability calculation on is renamed to Profitability indicator.
  • Dropdown option My price is renamed to Profit margin.
  • The dropdown option Cost price is renamed to Markup.
Profitability titles are changes for repricing

The wording is also changed on all affected repricing pages: repricing wizard, edit of repricing strategy, opportunity URLs and repricing files clients receive. The displayed option (Markup or Profit margin) depends on selected settings from Account settings.

Improvement of reprice products checkbox

Steps to follow:

Account>>Repricing>>Repricing opportunities>>specific strategy>>Affected products column>>click on a number (for both Clever drop and clever raise)>>Opportunity URLs

When the Opportunity URLs page is opened, users have the option to select all products via the checkbox that is located in the Suggested price/Reprice column. Once that checkbox was used, checkboxes for all individual products were disabled. That has changed, and now when the main checkbox is used, individual products can be unchecked.

Improvement of reprice products checkbox

We hope you’ll find our updates useful.

In case you have any doubts, or face any issues while testing this out, please don’t hesitate to reach out to


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