Reorganized user settings page

New Price2Spy features 5.11.2015. Reading Time: < 1

We have simplified the user settings page!

4.5 years ago, when we started Price2Spy, it was a simple tool, and one page of user settings was more than enough.

However, we have grown a lot since then and so did the complexity of the tool – which is why we had to do something about the way the settings get displayed.

We had a feeling that reorganizing the settings page would give you a clearer overview – so we decided to group the options into more topic-oriented tabs.

If you go to your Settings, you will see these updated tabs:

  • User information, 
  • Account settings,  
  • E-mail settings.

Capture settings page

So, the options remain the same, but the new organization hopefully makes it easier to navigate through your settings.


What do you think? Do you prefer it this way?

Let us know in the comments below.